so many machines
or, the things the greybeards built for fun were almost immediately weaponized by the rabble. A look at the Character Generator Protocol which ended its life as an amplifier for DDoS attacks.
"Yeah, but it's easier just to FTP files to my server!" Using the AWS Amplify Console, I setup a pipeline for this blog in a couple of minutes, awkwardly leaving me with no excuse but to do the right thing.
Planes in the airspace over the US are broadcasting location information over radio in plain text and they are just asking to be mapped.
How do you keep all of the random scripts you use working across systems? Store and share your configuration securely on AWS's dime.
One of the first examples of social software in an internetworked environment still ships with your operating system. Let's connect 1972 to today.
Are LeetCode-style interviews helping companies hire the right candidates or has the specification drifted from the goal?